About me

Innovative, dedicated, creative

For as long as I can think back, I have always thrown myself both consciously and unconsciously into unknown situations, stepped out of my comfort zone, jumped without knowing where I landed.

As a quiet and reticent 18-year-old girl, I chose an education in the hotel industry. The feeling of having mastered my fears motivated me to move for the first time alone to another country as a 20-year-old – Denmark.

My enthusiasm for being able to handle new and uncertain situations myself led me time and time again to try out ideas and learn things that benefited my personal development.

Over the years, the excitement developed into restlessness and boredom. Not even three different kinds of work could soothe that feeling inside. A feeling that there must be more than ‘this’. In short: I missed a life where I could be completely myself.

It would be another eight years before I got the idea to become a beekeeper. A choice that still brings me great joy and meaning. The enriching freedom that nature gives me unleashes my creativity.

In that field, my dream of having my own business arose – and together with that desire, the idea to fulfill my life dream: development and production of clean and healthy care products, where I can both live out my creativity and learn endlessly about both nature and doing business.

Without the support of the people I have around me, this dream would never have come true. And hand on heart – then it’s not so much about me, but more about my journey – and about my desire to create some care products that are both delicious and clean.

I hope you enjoy them.

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